Slaying Style with Irresistible Vegan Bags

How vegan bags have gained so much popularity?

The fashion world has an ever-changing dynamic. The fashion trends depend on the season, the choice of various designers and also the independent choice of consumers. Today the world is consciously moving towards sustainability and is growing more and more environmentally conscious.

Thus the demand for vegan, also known as cruelty-free products has considerably risen in recent years. We see consumers switching to plant-based leather bags that not only align with their beliefs but also mark a fashionable statement.

eské has come up with a range of vegan bags that will make you fall in love with them.

Why vegan bags have been slaying style?

  • Ethical considerations- vegan bags are an ethical alternative to traditional leather bags. Consumers are more eco-conscious and thus these cruelty-free alternatives are more appealing to them.

  • Sustainability- vegan bags are made from more sustainable alternatives such as plant-based fabric, recycled materials and synthetic materials. Thus vegan bags are not only eco-friendly but also more sustainable and give a nice visual texture which is quite similar to that of traditional leather.

  • Innovative materials- with technological advancements innovative vegan materials have come up that have completely replicated the look, texture and properties of traditional leather facilitating a smoother switch to cruelty-free options.

  • Celebrity endorsements- celebrities and influencers play a vital role today in creating awareness and the market for eco-friendly leather-free bags. Many high-profile celebrities have become flag bearers to promote and create a want for the much-required switch to vegan bags.

  • Accessibility- with growing demand the supply of vegan products has also risen. Various quality vegan bags in various price ranges are being manufactured by most brands. Thus making an affordable switch to cruelty-free products possible.

  • Fashion-forward designs- well you might feel that shifting to vegan means you won't be able to keep up with the trends but that's not quite true. Vegan bags are available in various styles, designs and colours keeping up with the fashion trends.

  • Versatility- vegan bags are versatile and are suitable for all occasions from casuals to formals. Quality vegan bags are suitable for everyday use and just like leather bags, do not wear out easily.

  • Today fashion is not just limited to looks, styling or functionality of bags. People want to make statements and align their beliefs through every aspect of it. Vegan products are a small but considerable move towards sustainability and encouraging eco-friendly adaptations in day-to-day life.

    We use ethically sourced materials and all our products undergo eco-conscious processing. We have pledged to achieve sustainability across everything we do.

    Let’s venture a few from our exquisite collection of irresistible vegan bags:

  • Marlene, the satchel-  struggling to find an affordable yet luxurious satchel, take a look at this luxurious piece. We have even got you colour options, you can get in black, tan and taupe. All the colours are quite in fashion. It is not only a very attractive piece but also has a lot of functionality. It has one back zip pocket and two slip pockets so you can carry all your important items and people will not be able to stop complementing your choice.

  • Alva, the tote- these bags are creating a sensation and have revolutionised their way to mark a fashionable statement for themselves. We have designed this beautiful navy-coloured tote bag. It is made from durable vegan material and can carry a laptop up to 13”. It also has a trolly holder hook at its rear.

  • Jena, the shoulder bag- this beautiful minibag is available in three colours black, tan and stone. It is made from croco-printed vegan material. It has one open slip pocket and a detachable long-chain shoulder strap. It is a beautifully crafted piece and can go with any outfit.

  • Hann, the briefcase- struggling to find a briefcase that matches your beliefs and also the style trends. Look no further, we have come up with this fine-crafted vegan leather bag with multiple inbuilt organisers. It is available in both khadi and denim colours. Both the colours are ever trendy and thus best suited for someone who never wants to go out of style. It can fit up to a 14” laptop and has a detachable and adjustable strap. The material quality is best suited for daily use.

  • We have got you a range of leather-free bags from briefcases, duffel bags, totes, handbags and all kinds of bags. You can take them to work, fine dining outings, colleges, dates and everywhere you go.

    All our bags are made from the best quality materials and fine craftsmanship giving attention to every detail. Our products are not only durable but also very very functional and stylish. 

    To know more about us read our blogs and also keep checking our website to find the most fashionable accessories for you.