Upgrade your office look with a women's leather laptop bag

Women in the workplace:

Today women are not just limited to the boundaries of their homes. Women have been ruling the world in every sphere and walking shoulder to shoulder with the men. In some walks of life, women are leading the world for us. This journey has surely been quite difficult for them but they have made their way to be leaders today.

Today in the workplace too women are sharing a large part of it and have even taken up strong leading roles for themselves. Women prove to be better at multitasking and managerial positions.

They prove to be better at team building and team management. 

We at eské have a variety of best-quality leather laptop bags for women to complement them and help them mark a statement. 

What defines a good quality leather laptop bag? 

  • Craftsmanship-  quality leather bags are crafted with attention to detail. A well-crafted bag has perfect stitching, well-finished edges, and seams even all around. Hand-stitched or handcrafted bags have a very attractive and attention-grabbing look.

  • Material quality- the quality of material plays a very important role in the look and finish of the bag. Good quality leather retains its look for a comparatively longer period. Full-grain leather retains its stitches and thus adds a unique finish to each bag.

  • Water resistance- good quality leather has a natural resistance to water thus protecting our stuff from being damaged from any sudden exposure to water. Also, it protects itself well against any damage from exposure to water.

  • Design and aesthetics- a good quality leather bag should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. There must be proper spacing between compartments. The chains and straps should do the job and it must secure all the stuff within itself. There should be a layer of padding to protect the laptop.

  • Size- the size of a bag should be proper to fit in a laptop. But it should not be too big to carry. It should provide proper space in each compartment to accommodate the things inside it.

  • Straps and handle-  the straps and handles should be properly sized and they should be comfortable to carry.

  • Brand reputation- it is better to go for brands that have been in the business for a longer period and have a good reputation in the market.

  • Weight- the bags must be lightweight so that they are easy to carry and more comfortable.

  • Eské range of laptop bags for women:

    If you are a woman and looking for an elegant, multifunctional, lightweight leather laptop briefcase for your work look you have come to the right place. To name a few you can check out:

  • Elio, the laptop sleeve- if you are looking for a sleek lightweight laptop sleeve you can choose from any of these black, stone tan coloured sleeves. Crafted from authentic leather, these sleeves provide durable protection for your laptop and are built to last. Designed to accommodate laptops up to 13 inches in size, they will remain a reliable companion for years to come.

  • Pietro, the briefcase- it comes in both brown and black color. It has a classy look with a modern finish. It has enough pockets and organizers to sustain everything you might require while working. It can easily accommodate up to 15” a laptop and has an adjustable/ detachable strap and a trolley strap at its rear.

  • Griffin, the briefcase- it is been quite popular and a favourite among our customers, and why would it not be it has such a cool rustic look. It comes in dark tan, brown, black, and navy blue and is all equally loved. You can choose any you like and if you are confused then you can buy more and borrow from friends later.

  • Elise, the briefcase- its eye-catching colours might make you fall in love with them. We have a lot of customers crushing on both the pink and gold colors and we can't blame them, right? Well, it is not only very beautiful but quite functional too. It has many inbuilt organizers, and zip pockets and can fit up to 15” laptops.

  • I am sure you must have loved all of these briefcases from our collection but you must check the rest of them out on our website. They are all uniquely designed with fine craftsmanship and best-quality materials to suit your needs best.

    We also have a more diverse range of leather office bags and other products for both men and women in both leather and leather-free options. We have been in the business for a long. And our customers' satisfaction matters the most to us.

    We believe in keeping up with the trends while keeping the quality. If you want to be on the fashion front then stay tuned with us. We will keep bringing you a unique range of luxurious aesthetic range of products.