Premium Tote Bags: Elevate Your Everyday Style Game

The way tote bags have evolved since they came into the fashion world is a journey to talk about. From humble beginnings to being used as a carry-on for shopping to becoming a style statement they have undergone a major evolution. Similarly their design, sizing and material changed.

Today people carry totes on shopping expeditions, work, casual outings and practically everywhere. They are becoming a fashion essential and all fashion enthusiasts own at least one. They are practical items that can carry a lot of stuff and are easy to be carried itself.

eské has got you a range of stylish, elegant, classy, workwear, leather and leather-free tote bags that will keep all eyes on you and will never run out of trend.

Why you must ditch all other tote bags and use leather tote bags?

  • Durability- leather is naturally very durable and does not wear out quickly. Thus it is suitable for daily use and is quite long lasting. Also leather has a natural quality of being resistant to water which acts as a boon.

  • Versatility- leather has a natural property to be versatile and adapts to any kind of environment. Thus you can practically take it everywhere with you without worrying about it getting destroyed. It requires a very low level of maintenance and is very easy to clean.

  • Timeless style- leather bags can always stay in style. They complement any kind of fashion trend. Leather tote bags are a very versatile and sophisticated look. They can be paired up and down with both casual and formal wear.

  • Strength- if you are looking for a material that has strength and sturdiness to carry a lot of stuff and not worry about reliability then leather is the best option. Thus it is very suitable for carrying books, laptops and other heavy materials that you might need during the day. Thus leather bags not only give you versatility but also is quite a durable option to help you carry all your required stuff throughout the day.

  • Eco-friendly options-  today there are many eco-friendly alternatives available for eco-conscious customers. These natural leather options are cruelty-free made from plant-based materials and use natural tanning agents which do not affect the workers' health. Also, these are very similar in look and texture to natural leather and are as durable.

  • Luxurious aesthetic- good quality leather bags and leather-free bags are considered very luxurious. If you are carrying it along you will love the attention your bag catches and also it gives out a very aesthetic feel. Many people love the softness and smoothness of leather bags as they give a feel of elegance.

  • If you are looking forward to buying a classy bag or gifting it to someone there can be nothing better than a leather tote bag. It's elegant, stylish and practical. What more does one need?

    eské range of leather tote bags and leather-free tote bags:

  • Gratia, the tote- we have just added this to our collection and our customers are quite loving it. It comes in both tan and brown colour. It is a classic leather bag and never goes out of style. It has one zip pocket and two magnetic snap pockets. It can easily carry your laptop and is very much suitable for being your office buddy. The best part is all our bags are made with the best quality leather so this bag will last you very long and not wear out.

  • Lauren, the tote- this floral-designed tote bag is made from genuine leather. You can get it in both black and dark tan colour. It gives a very spring-like look and can complement both formal and casual outings.

  • Carla, the tote- it has a very stylish and luxurious look. If you are a fashionista then you can not miss out on grabbing hold of this one. It is one of the most eyed products on our page. 

  • Alva, the tote- it comes in a beautiful navy colour. It is made of vegan leather and is a cruelty-free product. It has one back zip pocket and one slip pocket. You can easily carry a laptop of up to 13”. If you are looking for a bag that you can take to work and even carry with you beyond work this is the best option for you.

  • At eské, we are aimed at bringing to you style with quality. Our designs are made using the best quality leather and fine craftsmanship with years of experience.

    We have come up with a diversity of leather bags and also included leather-free options to suit your beliefs. We are committed to keeping on adding a diversity of options for you to choose from.

    Go check out our collection now to find yourself something that you will thank yourself for buying.