Elevate Your Professional Style with Leather free Bags

Origin of sustainability

Leather production has a significant impact on the environment. This process involves the use of chemicals, much consumption of weather, and energy usage. Thus people have found alternatives to leather-free bags. Vegan bags are in high demand today. They are made of plant-based material and are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Everyone is moving towards sustainability and we are all also conscious of our environmental needs and are a planet-first brand. We use ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly processing. 

While everything else is turning vegan then why not fashion? 

eské has come up with a range of vegan bags for our eco-conscious customers.

There’s a variety of vegan leather:

  • Polyurethane leather- it is made by coating a fabric base with a layer of polyurethane.
    • Microfiber leather- it is made from finely woven microfibers from polyester and polyurethane.
    • Apple skin leather- it is made from waste from apples such as peeled skin and leftovers.
    • Recycles PET (rPET) leather- it is an eco-friendly option. It uses recycled plastic bottles to make the leather.

    Why should one consider switching?

  • Animal welfare- the production of leather might involve the use of animals and cruelty towards them. Thus a part of society has consciously moved to avoiding products that involve cruelty towards these speechless creatures and prefers using vegan products that do not involve harming animals.
  • Environmental impact- the process of leather production is observed to have a significant negative effect on the environment. It involves the use of many chemicals and high consumption of water and energy. Thus vegan alternatives emerge as a more sustainable option and less harmful to our environment.
  • Cruelty-free fashion- you must have heard of cruelty-free products. Vegan leather contributes to adding such a concept in the leather industry today. It helps align fashion with the conscious beliefs of people. Also, promotes ethical practices in the fashion industry.
  • Worker health concern- the production process of leather uses various chemicals and tanning agents. These chemicals can have health implications on the workers and users. Thus consumers today try to avoid products that include such processes to protect the health of workers.
  • Social awareness- people today are creating increasing awareness about the much-required switch to eco-friendly products and processes to conserve the environment we live in. Today more and more consumers are becoming aware through various social channels about the need to switch and thus the demand for cruelty-free, eco-friendly products is ever-increasing.
  • Fashion Diversity- cruelty-free products are adding to the diversity of available choices in the fashion industry. Today people can buy products that best align with their ethical beliefs and yet enjoy all the trendy products without feeling guilty of it.
  • Affordability- the best part of vegan products is that not only you can enjoy fashion guilt-free but also it is easier on your pocket. Leather-free material is more easily available and cheaper than leather thus it makes eco-friendly fashion available to an even wider spectrum of audience.

  • eské collection of exclusive leather-free, vegan bags

    We would love to present to you our range of premium tote bags, handbags, and briefcases, and it is completely vegan.

  • Trifine, the tote- it is a very stylish shoulder drop bag. It comes in ivory and navy blue and can match all your outings. You can carry all your necessities in its two open slip pockets and keep safe important stuff in the two zip pockets.

  • Victoria, the tote- these bags have been in trend and have been creating quite a sensation. These muted mint green, lavender, and rose colours will help you create a new sensation for your collection.

  • Bayern, the briefcase-  can fit up to a 13” laptop, and comes with a trolly strap at the rear of the bag. It is very functional and lightweight and can easily become your company to office.

  • Rayan, the duffel- it comes with a luggage pass-through that slides over a suitcase handle. So you can travel without struggling with your luggage. It comes in a pretty blue, beige, and white colour.

  • Maia, the satchel- want to mark your statement with your bag choose any of the golden or silver options and all eyes will be on you.

  • Marlene, the satchel- is a handy option with a detachable and adjustable strap. With very affordable pricing, you can get in any tan, black, or taupe.

  • snow, the handbag- - it is very affordable and so stunning. It comes in black, tan, and light taupe colours all equally and uniquely glamorous. It has two wall pockets with magnetic closure which can suffice all your necessities for a party.

  • Amalia, the handbag- it is a classic tan-coloured handbag with two open slip pockets and one back zip pocket. It can quite compliment you on your official outing and can be styled with almost everything.

  • Well, the list could keep going on as we are always committed to coming up with luxurious sustainable options. 

    Check out our website now to find more options that we are sure you would love to explore.