Modern Man’s Essential: Exploring Stylish Backpacks

When you hear the word ‘backpack’ what comes to mind?

Do you picture a massive, weighty rucksack that is used for hiking and mountaineering? Times have changed! Backpacks are no longer bulky, heavy, and solely reserved for hiking adventures.

We are introducing eské’s wide range of handcrafted leather backpacks that can be used for travel, work and everyday activities.

Delving into the rich tapestry of backpack evolution

In 1877 Henry Miriam developed the first functional knapsacks for the U.S. military. In 1882 Camille Poirier improved the backpack with Duluth Pack. Then in 1922, Lyod F Nelson designed the first backpack for hiking with a rigid frame. In 1938 the first zippered backpack was created by Gerry Cunningham. In the 1940’s as more materials started becoming available bags started becoming stylish and functional.

During the 1950s the backpacks started getting updated in designs and becoming more modern. Printing on backpacks was started, and transparent backpacks arrived on the scene. As the years went by newer designs and styles came into existence. 

In the late 2000s fashion backpacks became massively and pop culture, movies and shows played a big part in it.

Recently leather backpacks have made their comeback to fashion and varied options are available that can fit different tastes and styles. 

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What sets a leather backpack apart?

Firstly they are made from real genuine leather. Leather is a durable material and with proper care and maintenance will last a lifetime. 

Timeless Style: Leather backpacks have a classic and timeless aesthetic that can work well with various fashion styles. They have a sophisticated and elegant appearance, making them suitable for both casual and formal settings.

Quality Craftsmanship: Leather backpacks are often handcrafted, and are made by skilled artisans who pay attention to detail. This craftsmanship can result in high-quality stitching, hardware, and overall construction.

Adrion, the backpack

This backpack is made from genuine leather and can fit a 16-inch laptop. There are trolley straps attached to the rear of the bag so it can be carried with a suitcase during travel. It comes with many inbuilt organisers and zips that can be used to carry small items. 

It comes in two stunning colours black and navy blue.

Sebastian, the backpack

For lovers of vintage leather, there is Sebastian, the backpackThis backpack comes with a laptop sleeve for a 13-inch laptop and adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack is available in 2 classy colours tan and black.

 Inside the backpack, there is a compartment for mobile and another zip enclosure for storing other electronic items like chargers, cables etc.

Maik, the backpack

If you are a minimalist then Maik, the backpack is for you. Simple design with a laptop sleeve and spacious main compartment.

This backpack has a single compartment and a laptop sleeve for storing a 13-inch laptop, adjustable straps and one outer pocket to carry your wallet.

James the Backpack

For those looking for textured leather backpacks, James the Backpack is the one.

A beautiful doubly reinforced sustainable sourced leather backpack in the colour tan which can fit a 13-inch laptop. It comes with a trolley strap at the rear and adjustable shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry while travelling.

Xavier, the backpack

If you carry a lot of things in your backpack like a laptop or documents, or you want a backpack that you can use while travelling for work then Xavier, the backpack is for you.

A spacious leather backpack that can fit a 14-inch laptop and comes with 2 compartments and built-in organizers to store your belongings. The bag comes in 3 stylish colours black, tan and taupe.

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Why should you choose a leather backpack over a non-leather backpack?

  1. Leather is a much more durable material as compared to synthetic materials like nylon or PVC which can damage easily.
  2. Leather gives a sophisticated and classy look. Carrying a leather backpack can elevate your look instantly.
  3. Leather backpacks age well, they suffer less damage and gather a beautiful patina over the years which gives them a more elegant look.
  4. Leather is easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Leather backpacks are more comfortable to carry as the leather feels soft and is a breathable material.
  6. eské leather backpacks can be monogrammed and make a perfect gift for your friends and family.

How to care for a leather bag?

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep your bag dry to avoid moulds and bad odour. Wipe your bag with a soft clean cloth. Use leather cleaner and conditioners to maintain the shine of your bag. 

Don’t use any harsh chemicals or even perfumes directly on the bag. 

High temperatures can also damage the colour of the bag so avoid keeping it in direct harsh sunlight.

Leather backpacks are becoming increasingly popular because of their functionality and style.  Leather is durable and versatile. They pair well with casual looks, and professional looks and also can be used when travelling.

So whether you are a student, banker, software engineer or adventurer leather backpacks are the choice for you. 

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