Walk the talk: Making a statement with women’s leather footwear

Footwear is one of the initial observations people make about you, and therefore, they must leave a positive impression.

Moreover, if you feel uneasy in your footwear, it will clearly manifest in your mood and body language.

Wearing subpar heels and sandals can result in foot blisters and rashes. 

High-quality footwear not only ensures comfort but also offers excellent support to your legs and back.

What is the most important consideration when choosing the right pair of shoes?

The style?

The colour?

Or the quality?

At eské, we firmly believe that quality and design are inseparable. Our extensive collection of leather footwear not only boasts of comfortable memory foam but also exudes style.

Hence, choosing the correct pair of footwear that not only suits your feet but also fits your style is imperative.

Here are a few benefits of leather footwear:

Comfort and breathability- Due to its natural composition, leather offers both comfort and breathability, making it ideal for extended wear and providing a smooth sensation on the skin.

Durability- Leather is a robust and long-lasting material, making it an excellent choice for footwear. Leather footwear can withstand years of wear and tear thus combating the test of time. Buying eské leather women’s footwear is much better than buying multiple pairs of low-quality shoes that might last for 6 months or so. 

Stylish- leather is a timeless classic. Whether you want to pair it with casuals, or a dress or formal it goes with everything. There is a sense of elegance that is accentuated through leather footwear.

Easy to maintain- Leather shoes are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Wipe your footwear with some leather cleaners available in the market to maintain shine and lustre.

Avoid bad odour and fungal problems- you don’t want to end up with sweaty smelly feet at the end of the day leather footwear offers better breathability than synthetic materials.

The different styles of women’s leather footwear by eské are-

Heels- eské offers heels in two versatile neutral shades, tan and cream, featuring a 3.5-inch heel height, making them an excellent choice for both daytime and evening wear. eské block heels come in metallic textured patterns and are available in 3 stunning colours black, silver and gold. They are perfectly suited for evening wear and night outs. 

The slip-on- these are open-toed and come in 3 colours black, white and tan. They are very comfortable and can be paired with jeans, as well as Indian traditional wear. Making them a functional choice.

The moccasins- these are soft and comfortable, mostly suited for day casual wear.

Ballerina- comfortable to wear for a long time, cute, classy and available in various colours to suit your style. eské ballerinas are made from sustainably sourced leather, and memory foam handcrafted to perfection. 

Esperidilas- these are comfortable and light, ideally worn in the daytime.

T-strap sandals- these have been trending recently, they are flat-soled and have a strap that secures it from the back. They can be paired with Indian wear or casual dresses or jeans.

How to select the perfect footwear?

Find the best fit- selecting the right size is the first step.  A size too small will hurt your feet while a size too big will make it difficult to walk. Measure your size correctly before making a purchase.

Selecting the style- high heels, flats or ballerina which one should you go for. If you are not comfortable with high heels then don’t opt for them. After all, you should be comfortable in your footwear.

If you have to stand for long hours then select slip-ons or ballerinas with a comfortable sole. 

It is still debatable if formal shoes should have heels, you can opt for a heel height of an inch or two if you prefer. 

Colour selection- for formal footwear the colours to go for are black, grey and brown. For parties or evening wear you can go for black heels or strappy glittery sandalseské has leather footwear for women which suits both casual and formal styles.

Occasion- are you shopping for a party, wedding, or a work seminar? Opt for neutral, classic colours if it's intended for professional wear, and consider bold hues like red and high heels or styles with glittery straps for festive or special occasions.

How to care for leather shoes?

Now that you have decided to invest in leather footwear, you should care for it too. If maintained properly leather footwear can last years.

One of the simplest things to do is to clean your footwear with a clean cloth and wipe away the dust and dirt. 

You can also brush out your footwear daily after wearing them so they remain clean. 

Additionally, you can use a leather moisturizing cream that will give shine and make the footwear last longer. 

eské has a variety of women’s leather footwear ranging from slip-ons to ballerinas and sandals. Everything is handcrafted and made using genuine leather. 

The footwear is available in stylish patterns and an array of colours.

Now that you're in the know about leather footwear, step into the world of eské's women's leather footwear collection today!