From work to weekend: women’s tote bags for every occasion

Women are always carrying multiple things, truly women have their hands, and pockets full.

Tote’ means to carry.

And that is what a tote bag is used for! A tote bag is an extension of a woman. It is used for safeguarding her treasured belongings. 

eské has a wide collection of tote bags that can fit a laptop or tab, notebooks, and cables and are sturdy enough to hold the weight of ambition as well.

Nowadays you see everyone carrying a tote bag, right from celebrities to your colleagues at work.

What’s so great about tote bags?

Versatility - functional and good-looking eské tote bags are made for every season for every reason. 

If you want a tote for work, then go for Medina, the work tote, if you are running errands all day and want something big and spacious to hold your things Vanessa, the all-day tote is for you. 

Are you going to a party and need something that will complement your look and stand out, go for Melba, the studded tote comes in 3 dashing colours bordeaux, gold and stone. 

Durability- we can’t talk about a leather tote bag without discussing the durability factor.

Leather is renowned for its remarkable durability, capable of withstanding the test of time and daily wear. 

Its resilience and ability to age gracefully make it a prized material and an investment in quality. 

Leather also has a unique look and feel, and gives a luxurious level of comfort. 

Fashionable and trendy - from fashion shows, and celebrity looks to magazine covers tote bags are ruling the trends these days. Everyone has a tote bag in their wardrobe, it has become a must-have item. 

eské offers a selection of tote bags that can be carried to work, casual lunch with friends or fancy dinner parties. 

There are exciting colours available as well ivory, gold, stone, rose and more. 


don’t judge the tote by its design it can hold a world in it, whether it is your tab or laptop, phone, wallet or keys it can fit everything with ease. 

eské tote bags come with in-built zip pockets and slip pockets that help you organise your things.

Makes for a fantastic gift option-

leather tote bags can make for memorable gifts, they will be useful and an elegant addition.

Which tote bag is suitable for different occasions?

The all-day tote

Vanessa or Vesta choose your pick, these sizable and roomy bags are perfect to carry around all day. They come in a variety of colours like blue, black, light tan, grey, vanilla and more.

Artisanally crafted from authentic leather, they have multiple compartments and pockets to keep all your items organised. Carry them on your travels, errands or to work, it is lightweight and has precision stitching so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. 

The work tote

Nunzia, the work tote is for all the hardworking and ambitious ladies out there. This tote is designed for the corporate world, classy and graceful, it can fit all your work-related needs be it stationery or paperwork everything with ease. 

The tote

Choose from Jemma, Gratia or Trifine our classic tote options, they can fit a 13-inch tab or laptop, are doubly reinforced and come with a lifetime warranty.

These tote bags are a symbol of simplicity and functionality. Carry your daily essentials, work needs, electronics and more. Separate compartments keep your items safe and secure.

The mini tote

Meet Nunzia, our mini tote. Best for keeping small items and carrying essentials, keeps your things protected from damage and theft.

The studded tote

Heading to a fancy dinner party then take along Melba, the studded tote. A perfect fit for party looks and festive occasions. Pair it with Indian traditional outfits and bring the glam on.

 A gold plated chain strap with a shoulder strap for comfortably carrying it around. 

Quilted design made with genuine leather and lightweight, an ideal complement for social gatherings and wedding celebrations.

The chain tote

Lucie the chain tote, designed for those looking for some extra bling, is available in 2 sensational colours gold and vanilla. Not only this the bag has a python print which makes it a statement piece. Add it to your outfit to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. 

Fitting for a night out or a party, the chain tote will add glamour to your outfit. In the world of fashion, few accessories are as versatile and essential as tote bags. 

 So, whether it's a busy workday, a relaxed weekend, or a grand celebration, the right tote bag is the loyal sidekick that accompanies you on your journey, adding both functionality and flair to your ensemble.