What To Look For When Shopping For Passport Cases?

‘Should I get myself a passport case?’ could be your prime question when planning your next vacation.

Well, the simple tri-fold or bi-fold wallet has worked wonders for several years. However, now might be a good time to revamp your leather accessories, especially a passport case.

If you are someone who struggles with several items - documents, boarding passes, cash and more - during check-in, you have stumbled upon the perfect read.

As a leading brand in leather products and lifestyle goods, we are here to guide you to pick the best passport cases that are stylish as well as functional.

What are Passport Cases?

Comes in various names, passport cases, passport holders, or passport sleeves, this is a protective wallet meant to keep your passport and necessary travel documents safe while travelling.

It keeps your essentials safeguarded from accidental spills, abrasions, damage, or the basic one - losing them. 

However, apart from safety and security, passport cases add a hint of style and individualism to your travel look. 

Passport cases are amazing gift items for both men and women, and the ones made with premium leather make it even better.

To sum it up, here is why a Passport case is useful:

  • Keeps your essentials safe and secure from damage, dirt, wear and tear.
  • Documents are handy in a passport case and are organized.
  • Adds a fashionable touch to your airport looks.
  • It is a clever and organized way to show your boarding pass and passport during check-in.

What to look for when shopping for Passport Cases?

There is a wide range of passport cases available in the market. However, only a few can be a perfect match. Let’s discuss some of the key pointers when going to shop for passport cases.

Material and Longevity:

Passport cases are available in multiple materials - leather, fabric, plastic and more. Each comes with its set of pros and cons.

Leather passport cases made with genuine and sustainably sourced leather are durable, eco-friendly and a classic choice. At eské, there are several colour options to pick from - tan, brown, black and more. Every passport case is unique to the other, holds a specific style statement and amplifies the overall visual appeal.

We highly recommend avoiding plastic-made passport cases. Although made from PVC, which is directly proportional to longevity they are not biodegradeable, and the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. Also, they are not as classy and stylish as leather cases.

Passport cases made from frabric have a simple touch to their design, however, they lack durability. Fabric passport cases wear and tear earlier than their peers and alternatives.

Functionality and Sizes

When shopping for passport cases, an often overlooked criterion is functionality. How are you looking forward to using this passport case? Is it only going to hold your passport or will you be carrying cash and other documents?

Some passport cases can even be spacious enough to carry an average-sized smartphone. 

These are some questions you must sort out before shopping for passport cases. 

Some passport cases even come with straps to turn them into cross-body bags making them even more secure & versatile.

Security Features 

Cross-country travel is fun and yet challenging on multiple levels. There are several countries with higher crime and theft ratios. Hence, security concerns while shopping for passport cases are always at the top.

Several modern wallets and passport cases come with a new technology - an anti-theft RFID feature.

Let’s explain RFID theft in the simplest terms. 

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification, which was first introduced in the year 2005. This technology triggers one-tap payment on RFID-enabled cards. 

Apart from credit cards, RFID is even used in logistics and management in various industries. 

Remember those security tabs that are removed once you have paid for your clothing in a store? Those are RFID tags.

Now, RFID scanners can scan your cards within a vicinity without physical contact. RFID theft or RFID skimming is reading and capturing essential data from your card without your consent. Although this feat is difficult, it is not impossible.

To curb the risk of RFID theft, wallets and passport cases now are being crafted with RFID-blocking materials. This nullifies the RFID scanner's functionality. 

If security is your highest concern, kindly research a bit more about RFID protection before shopping for passport cases.


Now that you know, that passport cases come in wide ranges, you must calculate that they come in a variety of price points. Starting from their appearance to functionality, each feature has a part to play in pricing.

At eské, you can find both budget and luxury passport cases based on your needs, starting from ₹1300 to ₹3500. 

The more quality material you go for along with functional benefits, the higher the price tag, and it is justified.

However, if you are someone who travels frequently, we highly suggest investing in a high-quality leather passport case with proper functionality and appearance.

Why are Passport Cases Important?

When travelling abroad, your passport is the only piece of document that holds proof of identity and home country. Any other form of document or ID is not acceptable in a foreign land.

Losing a passport in a foreign land is a high-risk factor, and there are several backlashes one can face - starting from the end of your trip to losing your identity.

Since protecting the passport is of the highest priority, getting hold of a quality passport case is non-negotiable.

Visit the eské store and pick the passport case you desire before your next vacation abroad…