Dopp Kit: What Is It And How To Use One While Travelling

The real bummer while travelling is reaching your destination and not finding the right essentials. No traveller enjoys struggling without the basic amenities. 

Ever faced with such a tumultuous situation? Well, let us introduce you to a necessary traveller companion, the Dopp Kit.

Dopp Kit, also known as a toiletry bag, takes up little to no room in your luggage and carries the most used essentials. For instance, your toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning essentials, and grooming items.

Dopp Kits are highly useful travelling goodies that make access to necessities quick and organized.

Where did Dopp Kit get its name?

Dopp Kit was first crafted by German immigrant and leather-smith Charles DoppIt during the 20th century; back then it was just called the leather toilet bag. 

Later, people in the US got turned off by the term ‘toilet’ and coined the ‘Dopp Kit’, on its inventor.

Initially, these Dopp Kits were sold locally. It got its first fame when the US army signed a contract for Dopp Kit supply to WWII soldiers. It became an essential piece of luggage for soldiers to keep their necessities organized.

During the 70s, Dopp Kit due to its growing popularity was bought by Samsonite and got it a trademark registration.

Today this dopp kit is widely popular among men and women of all age groups.

What To Pack In Your Dopp Kit?

There is too much confusion all over the internet regarding what to carry in a toiletry bag. Let’s just make things straight and simple.

Dopp Kits are meant to carry daily essentials while travelling and are all about easy access. Here are the things to add to your kit -

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Floss, Mouth Wash.
  • Bathing essentials - body wash, shampoo or an all-in-one wash.
  • Hair Care essentials - comb or brush and other if required.
  • Shaving Items - shaving cream, razor and aftershave.
  • Skincare - facewash, moisturizer, and SPF.
  • Deodorant or Perfume.
  • Prescribed Medicine if any.

Now these are some basic that is used universally, both by men and women. Whether a weekend getaway or a long trip, these are absolute necessities. 

However, if you are going for some specific kind of trip, like a trek, some more items could be included. Or if you have medication emergencies, Dopp kits are kind of a beneficial thing to carry.

What not to add to your Dopp Kit? - Anything else, that is not mentioned above or does not require daily. If you are an avid traveller, invest in some refillable containers for essentials, that snuggly fit within the toiletry bag.

Choosing The Right Dopp Kit For Your Next Vacation

A good quality Dopp kit can range from a budget-friendly price of ₹500 to a luxury price tag of ₹5000. The overall pricing depends on the brand, the material used, the functionality and the size of the pouch.

While a basic cheap Dopp works just fine, investing in a premium-quality Dopp Kit will add to the shelf life and is a part of your style statement.

Here are a few factors to keep handy when shopping for Dopp kits…

  • The Material of the Bag

  • There are a plethora of materials that can be used to make these Dopp bags. The most common ones are Nylon, Polyester, Cotton and Leather. 

    At eské, you can find some of the best quality, handcrafted leather Dopp bags. Compared to other materials, the leather ones come at a hefty price. However, these Dopp bags have a longer shelf-life, and add a classy look to your vacation outfits.

    It is recommended to grab quality leather-made toiletry bags since most of the items are often packet-wet. In the long run, this can ruin the material and deteriorate durability.

  • Size of the Bag

  • Finding that perfect bag size is a tedious task indeed. A toiletry bag cannot be too huge and take up a lot of luggage space. Also, it cannot fit enough essentials.

    One easy way of determining the size of the Dopp kit is by laying down all your essentials and having an idea of how much space it can take.

  • Some other features to look for.

  • Since toiletry bags or Dopp kits are meant to be carried to washrooms, some of these bags are crafted with a flat bottom. That is, the bag and sit flat with flopping or dropping essentials.

    Another feature that some dopp kits have is a waterproof inside. You can easily clean them after every travel and maintain the quality of the bag as well.

    You can opt for dopp kits with compartments as well to keep things a little more organized.

    A little about eské Dopp Kits

    eské Dopp Kits are handcrafted in India and made with sustainably sourced materials. Ours are vegetable-tanned premium-quality leather made to last. The Dopp kits are available at various price points and are various styles. 

    From the sophisticated lady to the classy gentlemen out there, these Dopp Kits are suitable for all.

    Check out the dopp kits collection today!