Upgrade your wardrobe with leather backpacks

Journey of backpacks

Backpacks have had their journey from being simple bags that go across the shoulder for carrying essentials to being a versatile stylish accessory option for students, professionals, travellers, and adventurers. Since their humble beginnings, they have transformed into a trending accessory option. It is more comfortable to carry than handbags and spacious enough to carry more things and keep them well organized.

eské has got you a unique blend of fine craftsmanship and sustainable eco-conscious fashion. With us, you will never run out of options. We keep bringing you a newer collection. Check our latest collection for some cool options.

Some of the reasons why backpacks are so famous?

  • Versatile design - backpacks have a versatile design. They come in sleek and professional designs perfect for professionals, there are also strong and comfortable options for adventure lovers and durable and spacious options for students to carry books. They come in various materials and carry different looks for suiting different occasions.

  • Everyday-friendly - backpacks are best known for their suitability for everyday use. The practicality of a backpack helps students rely on them for transporting books to school, professionals choose backpacks over the options because of the comfortability. Today even delivery associates use backpacks to transport goods as they can secure parcels in a backpack and secure it on their back facilitating easy commute.

  • A good companion for adventure- are you also planning to go trekking and finally visit those destinations you promised yourself to visit years ago then do not forget to get yourself a comfortable, strong, and spacious backpack to accompany you on your next expedition.

  • Fashion statement - besides their practicality, backpacks have also become a fashion statement with their unique designs and the variety of sizes and colours one offers diversity to choose from. Today some backpacks come with a USB port and a separate sleek compartment for laptops. There is a backpack for all kinds of styles.

  • Thus backpacks have slowly and steadily evolved into versatile and stylish accessories that can accompany us in all our journeys. Backpacks have marked their statement for comfort and style with a variety offering functional styling.

    eské has come up with an alluring collection of leather backpacks to add something new to the definition of backpacks. Leather will help add unmatched durability to your backpack and also add a premium look to your regular backpack making it more aesthetic.

    Why choose our leather backpacks over regular backpacks?

    We have been in the business since 1988. It is a brand born in India and available to the whole world. We as a brand believe in keeping with the trends without compromising on quality. We have a legacy of craftsmanship from over three years of manufacturing the finest quality products to suit all your moods.

    We believe in sustainability. We use eco-friendly materials, and eco-conscious manufacturing and have gold-rated factories for providing everything with the best of quality. We try to contribute our part in shifting to a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle. Whenever you choose us you help us contribute to our cause of building a better planet. 

    Let us check out the eské range of backpacks!

    Maik, the backpack, is a beautiful, classy tan-coloured backpack suited well for both men and women. It has two main compartments one on the front and one bigger compartment. You also get a special place in the bag where you can safely keep your laptop without worrying about it getting damaged and keeping it safe from scratches from other things in your backpack.

    Adrion, the backpack comes in two options black and navy blue. It has quite a many compartments helping you to keep as many things as you might require. If you are a student then this bag can suit your needs and help you carry all your essential books, laptop, water bottle, and anything else you want. Also, both colours are suitable for daily use won't require much care and protection from dirt, and will not wear out easily.

    Elif, the backpack is a very premium-looking bag. It is quite suitable for teen girls and can come in handy for an evening outing and even carrying essentials. It has one secret pocket inside which can be used to keep money or other important stuff secured. It comes in four different colours, vanilla, navy blue, black, and rose, one can choose any that best catches their respective interest.

    Then they also have many other options like Sebastian, James, Thomas, and Xavier. You can choose any that matches your requirements and taste. Each leather backpack has been created by fine craftsmen using the best quality leather. Thus rest assured about durability, longevity, and water resistance.

    Besides backpacks, we have a variety of range of products that you can check out eske.in