Incorporating Vegan Bags into Your Wardrobe

Why do we need sustainability?

Human activities have been putting a lot of pressure on the Earth's ecosystem thus the need for sustainability has arisen. Excessive depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation has brought in the need for immediate conservation measures. It is very important for resource preservation, climate change mitigation, social equity, economic stability, and much more.

What are vegan bags?

Vegan bags are a conscious replacement for leather bags to take a step towards sustainability in fashion. They are made without the use of any animal cruelty or any kind of animal-derived product. Traditional leather bags are usually made of animal leather whereas vegan bags are made of material that do not involve any animal cruelty.

Want to know how vegan bags are made?

Here is an overview of how vegan bags are made:

  • Material selection- many kinds of vegan leather can be used to make good quality leather-free bags. Synthetic leather can be made from PU or PVC as these materials are chosen for their durability and similarity in texture to that of traditional leather. Canvas bags are made from woven fabric from plant-based fibres like cotton and hemp. Cork is a renewable and suitable material for making vegan bags. Materials like Pinatex from pineapple leaf fibre and apple skin leather are also used to make vegan bags.

  • Cutting and Shaping- once the material is chosen it is handed over to the craftsman for cutting into the shape of the bag. These cutout pieces later take the shape of the bag. 

  • Assembly- depending on the material then the cut pieces are skillfully swed into a bag. The amount of skillfulness employed in making the bag decides the look and the finish of the bag.

  • Hardware and details- after the assembling part is done the zippers, buckles, and straps are added which provide a better finish to the bag and add more functionality to it.

  • Finishing details- after the hardware is done finishing touches like adding the branding elements are done. After this, the bag is ready and is set to go out for packaging once it passes the quality tests.

  • Quality tests- after the manufacturing part is done the bag passes a series of quality tests. In this process, the durability, functionality, and aesthetics standards are checked.

  • Packaging- once the bag meets all the quality test standards it is set out for packaging and is ready to be sold and shipped.

  •  eské range of vegan bags for its eco-conscious customers:

    We have come up with a variety of cruelty-free collections of leather bags so you can carry a bag that resonates with your beliefs.

  • Nova, the satchel- it is a compact handbag. It comes in vanilla, tan and black. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap. It is made from hand-printed croco-printed leather. Our fine craftsmen have uniquely designed this chic satchel to go with any outfit. If you are looking for a personalised gift for your loved ones you can surely go for it.

  • Aliz, the tote-  this lightweight trendy tote bag can carry all your laptop and essentials for you. It also has a zip pocket where you can keep your little necessities. It also has a trolly holder hook at the rear and comes in various colours such as navy blue, off-white, ivory and khaki.

  • Hann, the briefcase- carry your beliefs with you wherever you go. If you are looking for a vegan briefcase to take your laptop to your work you can surely go for it with our range of vegan briefcases. This piece comes in khadi and denim colours to match you and your style. It can hold up to a 14” laptop.

  • Alva, the tote- totes have been creating quite a sensation in this generation. We do not want you to miss out on keeping up with the trend. This navy-coloured strapped vegan bag can mark your fashion statement and your beliefs. It comes with one back zip and one slip pocket to store all your requisites so you don't miss struggling to carry your stuff.

  • Jena, the shoulder bag-  quite an affordable deal for such a statement-making bag right? Well, we prioritise keeping our customers happy over profit-making. We have got you colour options from black, tan and stone. Don't forget that they are made from vegan leather and are very functional and luxurious. It is made from Croco-printed leather which gives it a nice classy look. 

  • We have got you a range of vegan leather-free bags from trending tote bags, briefcases, duffle bags, shoulder bags, and much more. We are dedicated to creating a variety of luxurious and aesthetic range of products with decades of fine craftsmanship.

    We are aimed at building a plant-first community. When you shop with us you help us contribute to the cause. Come join with us today in our cause.