Most Wanted: The Stephen Laptop Bag

Charming, chic, and as classic as they come - The Stephen Laptop Bag is one of our best selling styles for a reason. It’s a bag for work, but just as much of a style statement outside the office too. With its classic brown finish and a beautifully textured pattern, it didn’t take long for the Stephen laptop bag to become a highly requested item from our catalog. No wonder we consider it to be one of the best laptop bags for men we carry! 

It is made to organise anything (and almost everything!), you’ll need to carry to work. This bag is large enough to accommodate a 17 inch laptop which can easily slide into the in-built laptop sleeve within the bag. And even after adding it in, there’s enough room to fit your chargers, notebooks and other essentials you may need. On the back, it has 2 zipper sections - perfect for any documents or other add-ons you may need to pack for the day. And if you’re wondering about whether you can stuff your mobile phone in there too, the answer is yes! We know how frustrating it can be when your phone gets lost at the bottom, hidden under everything else. That’s why we designed an in-built mobile pouch, so your phone has a place of its own and is always within easy reach. 

And before we forget, we’ve baked in features focusing on convenience too! This laptop bag has a small zipper on the back, which when opened, allows you to slide the laptop bag onto the handle of your trolley bags. No more lugging around separate pieces of luggage when you’re on the move!

Made with the highest quality of leather, and carefully handcrafted, the Stephen Laptop bag ups the ante when it comes to daily accessories. Carry it to the office, or whether you’re headed to a cafe for work. Sling it on as you walk through the airport, or even when you’re meeting friends for post-work drinks. It pairs well with formal wear, casual wear and even ethnic styles. So, now it shouldn’t be a surprise why we like to call this little beauty one of our best laptop bags for men

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