The Best Leather Bags for Travel Enthusiasts

Winter wonderland or tropical escape? With the holiday season around the year are you all set to travel to your dream destination with your family and friends? 

While planning a trip is fun, packing can be a staggering task. It is tough to figure out what to carry and how much. Nobody wants to carry an overstuffed bag or worse a bag that snaps while travelling. 

So, how do you choose the best travel bag something stylish, classy and durable?

The answer to that is a leather travel bag.

The soft and supple texture of leather bags makes it the perfect choice for travel. Renowned for its robustness and endurance, leather can withstand the trials of time, lasting for numerous years when properly cared for. It resists tearing or ripping, and its comfort during extended periods of carrying further enhances its appeal.

At eské, we craft exquisite leather bags that come with a lifetime warranty and precision stitching. 

What are some advantages of using a leather travel bag?

  • Timeless elegance- fashion changes with season but leather is a timeless classic. The rich patina that they develop over the years adds to their uniqueness. 
  • Versatile- leather bags are very versatile they can easily transition from a day bag to an evening bag. When travelling it might not be possible to carry multiple bags or to change bags every time. Leather bags make the best option here, they can be carried with different outfits and at different times of the day.
  • Safety and security- leather bags do not rip or tear easily, they are sturdy and can withstand the rigours of travel.
  • A sustainable choice- instead of buying cheap quality bags that can tear or sustain stains or damage, leather bags are the sustainable choice. 
  • Customizations- leather bags can be monogrammed which adds a personal touch and makes it a cherished part of your accessory.

Let's delve into a selection of leather bags that serve as excellent companions for your travels.

  • Leather duffel bags

  • Duffel bags are the perfect partner for a weekend trip. They are lightweight and spacious, you can utilise every nook of the bag to pack your things. Unlike the rigid structure of a suitcase, the flexibility of a duffel bag makes it easy to fit into an overhead compartment or the boot of a car.

    eské duffel bags come with a laptop sleeve, trolley straps to attach to a suitcase easily and detachable shoulder straps. Carry a duffel bag for a road trip with friends or a work trip.

  • Leather backpack

  • Backpacks prove to be the most versatile travel companions, offering the flexibility to accompany your suitcase for convenient storage of accessible essentials. Alternatively, they can serve as standalone luggage options for hikes, short trips, or getaways. Leather backpacks are convenient to carry, the weight is distributed evenly and there is no strain on the back or shoulders. Storing things becomes easier which in turn makes us more efficient. 

    eské leather backpacks are made from genuine leather and come with in-built organisers and laptop sleeves.

  • Leather briefcase

  • If you are going for a work trip then surely you are going to carry your laptop, files and other things with you. The leather briefcase is the best choice for safely carrying your laptop and other electronics. A leather briefcase is a symbol of professionalism and enduring elegance for individuals who value both style and substance

    eské leather briefcases come with a dedicated laptop compartment, zip compartments to organise your things, adjustable shoulder straps and trolley straps to easily carry it along with your suitcase. 

  • Leather travel pouch

  • Whether it is a weekend trip or a week-long trip a travel pouch is a must. Leather travel pouches not only boast durability but also exude a sleek and classy aesthetic. The pouches offer a durable and luxurious solution for organizing toiletries, makeup, and travel essentials.

    eské travel pouches provide ample space, and a sleek design, making them both practical and visually appealing 

  • Leather passport case

  • A leather passport case is a practical and sophisticated accessory for travellers to store not only their passports but their Visa, boarding tickets and money safely and securely.

    eské passport cases have RFID features that protect you from theft and scams. The range of leather passport cases suit both men and women and can be monogrammed for a more personalised experience.

    Parting thoughts

    The best leather bags for travel enthusiasts go beyond mere accessories; they embody a harmonious blend of durability, style, and practicality. From the timeless elegance of leather passport cases to the versatile and enduring backpacks, these travel companions offer a seamless balance between fashion and function. The longevity and resilience of leather ensure that these bags stand the test of time, becoming trusted partners on every journey. 

    Invest in a high-quality leather travel bag today.