Investing in Quality: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Genuine Leather Laptop Bags

Laptops have become our go-to devices whether we are going to the office or to college. Gone are the days of desktops and diaries. Whether it is making a presentation, taking notes, or attending a meeting or seminar we just can’t do it without laptops. 

Carrying a laptop doesn’t have to be boring and heavy, you can use laptop bags, that are fashionable and easy to carry making them a great accessory for the office or college. 

An added advantage is that a laptop bag can be your carry-on luggage when travelling.

Laptop bags are multi-purpose and useful in many ways.

Laptop bags can be used to carry not only laptops but also smartphones, tablets, and more. 

A laptop bag can protect your device from damage and keep it safe, it is important to choose the right size, too small and things won’t fit, too big and the devices can move around leading to scratches. 

There are many options, including different styles, colors, and materials, but leather stands out among all with respect to fashion, style, and use, it is timeless. 

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Why invest in a leather laptop bag?

Investing in a leather laptop bag has many benefits like durability, a good quality laptop bag will be strong and long-lasting, it will not scratch easily, nor will it show signs of wear and tear, they are much sturdier than a bag made from synthetic materials.  Comfort with style is another advantage, leather has been a classic fashion item and it is comfortable to carry. 

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Nowadays you will find many types of leather and faux leather materials in the market. 

There are four types of leather available full grain leather which is the high-end type of leather and the best in quality used for making bags and briefcases, then comes top grain leather which is the second best, good quality used for bags, belts, and wallets. Bonded leather is multiple pieces of leather glued together.

So how do you choose if you want a leather bag or a faux leather bag? 

Leather bags offer many advantages over synthetic materials, some of which are

  1. Leather lasts long and ages well- genuine leather can last many years and is very durable 
  2. It is easy to repair although it requires some basic maintenance
  3. Leather is naturally exquisite, classy, and comfortable
  4. Lastly, leather is a natural by-product of food, healthcare, and other industries. As it can last many decades this makes it a sustainable choice. Synthetic leather is made from fossil fuels is not recyclable, and not as durable as real leather, and often ends up in landfills.

Genuine leather bags are quite expensive so making the right choice is very important. Today, we are looking at some points that can help us identify what is original or genuine leather and what is a synthetic material, or only part leather.

  1. Check the tags- “real leather” or “genuine leather” is the tag you should be looking for when considering a purchase. On the other hand, a label that says “man-made material” most definitely is synthetic leather.
  2. Look closely- as real leather is a natural material made from actual animal skin there will be imperfections on it, pores or blemishes are common in actual leather. Machine-produced leather will be uniform and have a regular texture. 
  3. Touch and feel- when you run your fingers across genuine leather it will not be smooth, if you press into the material it will wrinkle and stretch just like skin naturally does but faux leather will just depress and retain shape.
  4. Smell- the material should not smell chemically or plasticky, real leather has a very characteristic smell, a natural musty-like odour.
  5.  Notice the edges and bend to see if color and shape are retained- bags made from natural leather will have rough edges, they might fray and when bent will wrinkle and change color. This is because real leather has natural elasticity and faux leather is comparatively hard and rigid.
  6. Water absorb test- real leather absorbs moisture, this is a disadvantage but can be used to identify genuine products. Drop a small amount of water and check, fake leather will not absorb the water whereas real leather will.
  7. Leather can be colored using dyes as can be fake leather,  don’t judge the genuineness based on the color of the product
  8. Fire test- this test should be done with caution, it can be done on a small piece of material, hold fire to the material for a few seconds, real leather will char and smell like burning hair while fake leather will catch fire and smell like burning plastic.
  9. Fake leather scratches easily and is not durable 
  10. Lastly real genuine leather is costly, finding the right hide and then tanning it is a time-consuming process. Making leather products is also a process that requires a lot of craftsmanship, this makes the products expensive as compared to fake or synthetic leather.

When shopping for leather laptop bags keep these points in mind, a genuine leather bag can last you a lifetime and makes for a stylish and classy accessory. 

Understand your requirements and what size and type of laptop bag will suit you and also set a budget so that your task becomes easier. Black and dark brown colored bags are more suited for professionals and light brown and tan colours are suited for more casual settings. Lastly check the zippers, buckles, and straps to ensure everything works properly.

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