Elevate your evening look: how to choose the perfect leather bag

As we prepare for a glamorous evening out we give our attire the most thought, we pick the perfect dress, dazzling jewels, and elegant heels to transform us into our most radiant selves. 

Yet choosing the finishing accessory, a handbag exquisite enough to complement the look proves the most daunting task. 

So, today we bring you a guide on how to select and pair a bag with your evening wear to complete the look.

An evening bag is more than an accessory

A bag is not just for show it is a repository for your essentials be it your wallet, makeup or keys.  The perfect bag will not only be beautiful but also efficient.

Reveal your refined, timeless elegance with an eské evening bag. Crafted to elevate your look with a dramatic yet tasteful flair, these bags empower elegant self-expression.

Classic and chic options like Melba the studded shoulder bag and Piquer the tote can help you transition easily from a day to night look. Spacious, comfortable and fine gold detailing makes the bag suitable for a work dinner or an evening out with your family.

Embrace texture and embellishments

Textures and embellishments are a current trend in the fashion industry. Bags adorned with studs, stones, pearls and chains are captivating and a centre of attention. 

Bags like Lucie the handbag or Melly the wallet give a luxurious vibe, and pair well with a casual party look and dinner with your friends.

Experiment with silhouettes

Traditional shapes like the clutch or trifold like in Medina the wallet is timeless and classic. Circular and sculptural bags are also gaining popularity. These look trendy and go well with Western attire and dresses.

Explore colours

Now colours can be confusing, so take a deep breath. Choose a colour that complements, rather than precisely matches, your dress to ensure it stands out. 

Coordinating the bag with your shoes or belt creates a polished and stylish ensemble. Alternatively, embrace bold colours and patterns, pairing them with a neutral dress or adopting a monochrome look for a chic and fashion-forward vibe.

Like Lucie the shoulder bag, a python print bag available in stunning colours of blue and gold. Or go for Piquer the shoulder bag, a beautiful lightweight and braided design bag with chain straps available in gorgeous pink, blue and taupe colours.

If you want to go for a bag that will go with most looks and occasions you can always pick a neutral colour bag. 

Versatility and functionality

Opt for a versatile bag that seamlessly transitions between various occasions, events, and seasons a wise investment that maximizes utility. Prioritize comfort, spaciousness, and the ability to effortlessly accommodate your essentials to ensure practicality and style in your choice of bag.

eské bags are handcrafted and made with genuine leather offering a lifetime warranty. Dive deep into the perfectly curated collection of leather handbags today.

Explore options

What are you looking for? Is it a clutch, a satchel or a shoulder bag? Understand and define your needs first this will help you narrow down your choices. 

If you are looking for a bag for a night out with friends then Medina or Melly the wallet is for you, compact, stylish and small enough to carry some cash and cards. 

Do you want a bag for a wedding or festival then choose between Lucie the chain shoulder bag, Lucie the satchel or Carla the shoulder bag. Bright, beautiful and spacious the perfect companion to carry your makeup, phone, wallet and essentials.

Personal preferences 

Select a bag that resonates with your comfort and confidence. While celebrity influences and trends are tempting, it's crucial to stay true to your style and preferences. Fashion is ultimately a form of self-expression, so embrace your unique style and pick the bag that perfectly aligns with your authentic self.

Consider size and shape to find the silhouette that speaks to you. Whether a sturdy satchel, a playful hobo, or a dazzling clutch, the ideal bag awaits you. With the ideal evening bag in hand, stand ready to make a stylish entrance and shine under the party lights.

eské offers a variety of options to suit everyone’s choice and taste, whether you are looking for a classic black leather bag or a stunning gold bag we have it all, check out now.