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SK Exports stands as one of India’s most reputed and leading suppliers of leather handbags, footwear and accessories. With expertise spanning 3 decades, the product mastery and manufacturing intellect the company possesses is unrivalled in today’s time.

Servicing brands predominantly in the premium space, the over 800 highly skilled artisans have developed a unique and distinctive skill-set that has trickled down over generations. This coupled with an obsession for sheer quality, has ensured that every product the company makes is on par with the uber luxury brands of today.

The company boasts 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing units with world-class technology, which are also socially compliant to the highest standard acceptedglobally

Environmental friendly techniques are used at every stage of the supply chain. Leveraging this manufacturing expertise for the Indian consumer, in creating an aspirational affordably luxury brand, was the motive behind the launch of Eske Paris.

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Eske Paris was launched in the fall of 2012, to define a new age of affordable luxury in India. A modernizing consumer, that is discerning, well-traveled and fashion conscious, needed a brand that perfectly complimented his/her lifestyle, matching his/her aspirations.

A brand that exudes confidence and style, offering a clear alternative to traditional luxury. Eske Paris aims to be this answer, making luxury easily accessible, and highly affordable.

Built on a foundation of strong handcraftsmanship, each product embodies the brand’s values of innovation, authenticity and modernity. Highly skilled artisans with decades of expertise, bring the products to life in exquisite natural leathers. The leathers are sourced from the finest tanneries worldwide, with minimalistic tanning, ensuring retention of their innate beauty and character.

From the drawing board of Pieter Ary, a highly revered Dutch designer, each original product is the epitome of pragmatic style, embodied in a modern avatar.

Influential, innovative and progressive, Eske Paris is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion in the subcontinent, before going Global.

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Integrity: We stay true to who we are. Starting with the pure and natural
leathers that we use for our products, to the originality of design in each and every Eske product. We say what we and hold each other accountable,and build genuine, rewarding relationships—with customers, partners and each other.Forward Thinking: We pursue our passions with tenacity to innovate a new
way forward, in every aspect of our business. We challenge assumptions with optimism for what could be. We embrace our curiosity and welcome the unknown.

Ethical: We strongly believe in ethical & fair practices with all our associates,customers and vendors.

Team Work: We are high-performing individuals who work together for the greater good of Eske. We encourage personal initiative and invite a diversity of perspectives.We take responsibility for delivering excellence—as individuals and as a team.

At Eske Paris, we believe an inspirational and modern work environment is where exceptional talent thrives

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